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Решение за хиперпигментациите

Хиперпигментацията е състояние на кожата, което се характеризира с потъмняване на определени участъци, най-често на лицето, деколтето, раменете и ръцете. Частите на тялото, които най-често и продължително излагаме на слънце. Причинено е от свръхпроизводство на меланин и...
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Celebrity Body Boost: DR. SCHWEITZER

Fall in love with your body, and get the body you love. With over 25 years of dedication toward providing his patients with the highest level of dermatologic care, Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. William Schweitzer has taken the industry to a whole new level of personalized...
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Body Hair Removal: A Guide to the Latest Lasers and Treatments.

Ah, hair removal. It's the one part of our beauty routine we dread - particularly during the summer when hairy situations are impossible to ignore. If there was ever a silver lining in this necessary evil, it's that we have plenty of options...